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Math is the mother of all sciences and we just put in all our efforts to bring out a product that you will want to call the mother of all learning technologies. Mathematicians and software developers behind the Math Helpline project have over 20 years of experience in their field. We have designed a state-of-the-art program that you will want to love. It's too good and that's why we are giving away almost for free, only to the first 500 students, an immense experience everybody would want to have. We are expecting over 10 million students to subscribe to this tutoring service within the first few months of launch.

$1 PER HOUR one-to-one tutoring is a limited time offer and is only available to the first 500 students who pre-order the buckets now! So hurry as there are over 28 million students only in Canada & USA who want this. It comes with a full money back guarantee! If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you can CLAIM ALL YOUR MONEY BACK even if you are not satisfied with your last lesson on the last day of the year!

Choose from thousands of qualified and experienced tutors from Canada, USA, and all over the world! Learn on our interactive website and mobile app with voice and visual communication 24/7, i.e. any time of the day or night! No restrictions!

You will love the awesome, unique, accessible and easy-to-use feature-rich resources we are putting in this new learning product. It will provide you with many great learning options you have never seen before. We will be soon expanding this product to cater to more subjects and grades and eventually including college and university studies.

The pre-order promotion can be used anytime during the next ten years so you can purchase for children as young as three. Your child can start using it as soon as they reach grade 6. Students will be able to use it September 2016 if they are in grade 6 to grade 12.

To pre-order simply click here or the pre-order link from the menu above. If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page from the menu above. Alternatively you can email us at support@MathHelpline.ca.

We wish you a great learning experience.

Math Helpline