frequently asked questions

Why is this one-to-one tutoring so cheap?

This incredibly low price, or nearly free, is only for the first 500 students. We are introducing a number of great and awesome features which you have never seen before anywhere else and we know you would love them. That is why we are expecting nearly 10 million students to join this program within the first few months and cost of these first 500 pre-order subscriptions would not matter.

What's the difference in the 100-Hour and 50-Hour buckets?

The only difference is that the 50-Hour bucket does not come with the Unlimited Plan and can be activated anytime in the year when the student is in grade 6 to grade 12. Once activated it will work just like the 100-Hour bucket. The Unlimited Plan is included for free in the 100-Hour bucket.

How will Math Helpline be able to provide so many tutors?

Our tutoring algorithm is designed to match the best tutor with a student according to the preferences you set and feedback from other users. The algorithm is designed to give priority to the first 500 students of the pre-order sale. Moreover all students will not be online simultaneously and even if they are then finding 500 tutors out of millions in USA, Canada and other English speaking countries will not be an issue. Our algorithm is programmed to give first priority to first 500 pre-order students and then those who will opt for the Unlimited Plan.

I am a tutor, how can I benefit from Math Helpline?

We will start registrations for tutors soon after the end of the pre-order sale. We will post this information on our Facebook page. You can 'like' our Facebook page from the icons at the top or bottom of this page.

Do I need to follow some specific curriculum to register?

This promotional pre-order subscription is only valid for students studying any Canadian or American curriculum. You will be able to find tutors who can help you even with exam practice such as Kangaroo Test, SAT, etc.

If I need any kind of help during my school session what should I do?

All subscribers through this pre-sale promotion will have phone, email and chat support during the time when their bucket is active.

What do I get in total?

Each bucket entitles you to 100 hours of one-to-one high quality tutoring 24/7 from your choice of available tutors in one year. You will also enjoy all features of the Unlimited Tutoring Plan. The Unlimited Tutoring Plan is a free gift for you during the time your bucket is active.

What language will my tutors be speaking?

Currently the Math Helpline tutoring service is available only in English language and we will be adding more languages later. We do not recommend you to purchase any bucket for future use if you do not speak English as we cannot guarantee a specific time when any other language will become available.

I bought my bucket, now when can I use it?

The Math Helpline tutoring buckets can be used anytime within ten years from launch. So you can also pre-order for children as young as 3 years. Buckets become active immediately after launch if you are in grade 6 to grade 12. If you are below grade 6 your bucket will remain inactive until you reach grade 6 when it will automatically become active. We will inform you before it becomes active.

Which grade should a student be in order to get tutoring service?

The tutoring service is currently going to cater to students from grade 6 to grade 12 and we will be expanding this to cover more grades and subjects and also include college and university studies eventually. The pre-order buckets can also be used for any other subjects on offer.

When will the one-to-one tutoring service start?

The tutoring service will be available for use from September 2016. $1 per hour buckets can be purchased right now and are available to the first 500 students only. We will invite you in August to register yourself.

I bought more than one bucket so how many can I use?

Once you register yourself or register a child from your account you will allocate buckets for that student and it will become available in September 2016 or if purchased for a younger child then as soon as the child enters grade 6 in September of that year.

When will I be able to register and allocate buckets to myself or my children?

When registration opens you will have one month to register yourself or your child and choose how many buckets they will receive from your purchases. Buckets are not transferable even among siblings. So if you buy 8 buckets and at registration you chose to give 3 buckets to John, 2 buckets to George and 3 buckets to Alice then George would not be able to use the tutoring service when his buckets expire after two years. You would have to purchase extra tutoring hours after two years for George according to the prices available at that time for the tutor of his choice.

How many buckets can I use in a month?

You will be able to use 10 hours from your first bucket every month once it becomes active. 10 hours from that bucket will expire every month from the date of registration if you do not use them before the end of the month. So if you used only 3 hours in a month you will be left with 90 hours at the end of the month as 7 hours will have expired.

Can I register for two accounts and use two buckets simultaneously?

One student cannot use more than one bucket in one year. You would not be able to use two buckets simultaneously and utilize twenty hours of tutoring service in one month instead of the allowed ten hours. Any violation of the terms may block your account and we will proceed for refunding you the remaining amount.

Do I have to use one complete hour in one sitting?

You do not need to use one hour in one sitting only. Your time will only count in multiples of 5 minutes of contact time rounded to the next five minute. So if you study for 34 minutes we will only count 35 minutes of use and not one hour. So you can breakup your usage according to your requirement.

What if I need more than one hour when preparing for tests?

You cannot use more than one hour from your bucket within any 24 hour period. In case you need to use more than one hour, for example during exams, tests or quiz, then your extra time will be counted double if started within the 24 hour period after your last hour. So if you use one and a half hour within any 24 hour period you will be deducted 2 hours (one hour regular allowed plus 2 x half hour).

What if I exhaust all my available hours in a month and I need more tutoring hours?

In case you need more than 10 hours in a month then you can purchase extra hours at the reduced rate in the Unlimited Plan for the tutor of your choice.

Why is there a limit on my monthly usage when I have bought 100 hours bucket?

This limit on usage of the service is to allow other students a fair chance to share the tutoring resources.

What time of the day can I make use of this one-to-one tutoring service?

Most of our tutors would be from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and other English speaking countries so this tutoring facility can be used any time of the day or night 24/7 and you could choose from all available tutors for your grade.

Can my subscription be cancelled by Math Helpline?

Math Helpline reserves the right to cancel any subscription if it violates the terms or the continued use by the subscriber of the services may damage the stability of the system or disrupt the availability of the services to other subscribers as determined by Math Helpline. In case a subscription is to be cancelled then Math Helpline will make prorated return payments to the subscriber for the remaining time left in their bucket. Math Helpline will honor all returns even if the subscriber is at fault and this option is only available for the subscribers in the pre-order promotion.

If I have any questions regarding the service then what should I do?

Most answers will be available in the Math Helpline community forum after launch but if you are still unable find a suitable answer to your question please feel free to send an email to support@MathHelpline.ca.

What is the refund policy for subscribers of the First 500 pre-order subscribers?

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied by the service provided you can claim a refund of all your money back even till the last lesson of your first year of using the service. So if you start using it on Sept 1, 2019 you can claim a refund till 31 August 2020. We believe the service and features you will get at this price will never be matched anywhere else and we are very sure you would not want to ask for your money back.